Guinness & Robbie, Pasedena, CA

Axel R.

Three generations of the Leibow family, with Poppa at 104 years young.

Alex R.

Alex R. and hockey stick

The Wilsons

The late golf great, Mr. Ben Hogan

Kevin Roche, Architect
Portrait of  American Pritzker Prize-winning architect Kevin Roche.  In 1967 he created the master plan for the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and has been referred to as the "Father of the Modern Office Atrium".

Actress Angie Bolling strikes an investigative pose during a fund-raiser involving the solution of a theatrical murder mystery by attending donors and patrons.

The late golf great, Mr. Ben Hogan inspecting clubs at the "loft & lie" machine.

Manager, Ryder Logistics

Artist and dancer, the late Janice Holmes poses for an editorial themed "BEFORE and AFTER" photograph required to be made with a disposable film camera.