Work in the studio seeks ultimate control. When a project presents, it often needs a solution in the realm many photographers call "special problems". Like parenting an ill-tempered child, making a photograph with the Special Problems tag takes discipline and patience to produce desired results.

Here are a few of my solutions:

Catzilla, AKA "Snickers" entertains the tourists in the photographic challenge of a tabletop. Canon, 10-22mm, lit with strobe.


Photographic arts competition - shoot a "tabletop".

Sometimes I'm such the contrarian. Here, I've moved the viewer from the traditional tabletop interior to the exterior of an expansive high mountain desert - yet it's shot very small - and on a tabletop.

Accused of being heavily "Photoshopped" (it's not) the image strives to elevate our thoughts to reach a plateau well above the traditional tabletop...

Don't you think this one's a real butte?



Catalog cover for a lighting supply company.

Engaging the art director with spirited conversations about commercial art - its best examples referenced and derived from fine art - and the various art movements since photography - resulted in the client's acceptance of my concept.

A surreal image of an incandescent light bulb (now obsolete) continues to burn outside the laws of physics.