Studio & Special Effects (SFX)

Images made on film

 The Rose

"The Rose"

Image produced for individual who grew the prize winning rose.

Tech specs: Film - 35mm Kodachrome 25, Lens - Canon 100mm, Lighting - studio strobe lighting through softbox, SFX- dewdrops of 1:1 mix of Caro Syrup and water through a spritzer. 

The Great Idea

The Great Idea

"The Great Idea"

Image used for lighting supplier catalog cover, billboard and marketing collateral.

Tech specs: Film - 4x5 Ektachrome, Lens - 90mm Caltar II, Lighting - studio strobes, SFX - set construction allowed dimming light bulb to match strobe exposure.




Image used for lighting supplier catalog back cover (companion piece to photo above)

Tech specs: Film - 4x5 Ektachrome, Lens - 210mm Schneider,  Lighting - studio strobes, SFX - light on prongs gobo'd and filtered to allow overexposure

Up Close - Black cat and goldfish

"Black Cat and Goldfish"

Self-assigned generated from the topic of something "up close", image attempts to deal with security and threats both real or imagined. 

Tech specs: Film (Fujichrome Velvia 100), 120mm Hassleblad, 250mm lens; studio strobe lighting, used custom created aquarium to manage fish position

The Elopement

"After Dark - The Elopement"

Self-assigned for photo competition, image attempts to deal with multiple lighting sources, motion direction with multiple actors and a fun concept for the romantic and young at heart.

Tech specs: Film (Fuji-chrome Velvia 100, 35mm [Canon EOS 3], 24-70mm, studio strobes (Norman 4000 outdoors), strobist indoors (Canon 580 EX and Novatron 1500) 

(Ed. note: This was a FAIL. Exposure was determined from my first DSLR - a very new Canon EOS 20D, with its histogram and settings transferred to the EOS 3. Misreading and fading light produced underexposures for most of the lot - this is the best image. Would like to reshoot...)